Vegetarian diet reduces risk of heart disease by a third

Source: Medical News Today

Follow this link for fulltext

Date of publication: January 2013

Publication type: News item

In a nutshell: More than 44,000 participants were involved in this study to examine vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets and the risk of incident ischaemic heart disease. 34% of the participants were vegetarian. After a follow-up of 12 years, vegetarians had a 32% lower risk of developing ischaemic heart disease, and generally showed a lower BMI, blood pressure and fewer cases of diabetes.

Length of publication: 1 webpage

Some important notes: Please contact your local NHS library if you cannot access the full text. Follow this link to find your local NHS library.

Acknowledgement: Risk of hospitalization or death from ischemic heart disease among British vegetarians and nonvegetarians: results from the EPIC-Oxford Cohort Study


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