WHO’s recommended level of exercise too low to beat disease – study

Source: The Guardian www.theguardian.com

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Date of publication: August 2016

Publication type: News item

In a nutshell: Higher levels of physical activity can achieve bigger reductions in the risk of five common chronic diseases, but only if people engage in levels far above the recommended minimum exertion, a study has suggested.

An analysis of 174 studies found that gardening, household chores and more strenuous activities, when done in sufficient quantities, were strongly associated with a lower risk of stroke and of contracting breast and bowel cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

But researchers from the US and Australia concluded that for the biggest risk reductions, total physical activity per week should be five to seven times the minimum level recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Length of publication: 1 webpage

Some important notes: Please contact your local NHS library if you cannot access the full text. Follow this link to find your local NHS library.

Acknowledgement:    The Guardian www.theguardian.com



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