Superheart to the rescue

October 10, 2012

Source: The Lancet, 2012, 380 (9848), p. 1122

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Date of publication: September 2012

Publication type: Editorial

In a nutshell: 29th September 2012 was World Heart Day, and the focus this year was on prevention of heart disease in women and children. As part of World Heart Day, the cartoon character ‘Superheart’ was created to appeal to children aged between 7 and 10. This superhero plays football rather than computer games and chases away fast food and fizzy drinks. A report called ‘F as in Fat: how obesity threatens America’s future’ predicts that the number of new cases of coronary heart disease and stroke could increase ten times by 2020 and then double again by 2030. Preventive interventions to change behaviour in children and adolescents are therefore important for improving heart health.

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Acknowledgement: World Health Federation