South East London Cardiac Prescribing Forum: working to improve clopidogrel prescribing across the South East London sector

February 10, 2009

Source: British Journal of Cardiology

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Year of Publication: 2008

Publication Type: Review

In a nutshell: The South East London Cardiac and Stroke Network (SELCSN) Cardiac Prescribing Forum has developed and implemented a consensus guideline for the prescribing of clopidogrel. Primary care clinicians highlighted that patients were often discharged from acute trusts in the region with little communication regarding clopidogrel therapy. An initial audit had shown that there was a significant variation in the use of clopidogrel and aspirin dual therapy across the sector. Re-audit since the implementation of the guidance has  shown a move towards more consistent prescribing of clopidogrel in the region.

Length of Publication: 5 pages

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Acknowledgements: The British Journal of Cardiology